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Finest Imaginary

Defeating bland outfits and boring spaces with a single purchase! Purveyor of fine & fabulous things.


A new British fashion label that makes you the hero of the story, with unique original hand drawn illustration & screen printed T-Shirts!

Test Your Strength

TYS is a premium fashion brand, based around what makes us who we are, our friends and family, also art and music, the good times and the not so good times..


Here at Me&Yu we look at things a little differently and have developed our own signature style with hand-drawn text and illustrations, quirky graphics, and photo-montage prints.

Big Deal Clothing

One of the UK’s freshest new independent clothing labels brings you quality, affordable threads for the fast paced lives of an alternative rock youth generation.

Grind London

Conceived in 2008 through the love and respect of street culture, Grind London has aimed to produce collections that salute, promote, and often question areas of common interest with our audience.

Don't Feed the Bears

Don't Feed the Bears is a UK label. We design & print uber-cool t-shirts, hoodies, & jumpers for men & women. Lots of one offs & original designs, totally unique to us.

Dom Dick & Harry

Dom Dick & Harry. The Northern sex and drugs and rock & roll fashion label. Blood. Skulls. Anchors. Hearts. Whores. Crosses. Birds. Bows. Leopards. Love. Hate. Luck. Death.

The Affair

A healthy love of reading mixed with a genetic loathing of mindless pulp references. We make clothes fashioned by literature.

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