Dress Code

Catering to every species of streetwise subculture vulture, from rockers to ravers and all that’s in between (and indeed beyond), Dress Code supplies essential suss for those who want to be scene, but not herd…


Online since 1999 selling a wide range of punk clothing, music and accessories. We use over 50 suppliers from across the world and specialise in Punk band tshirts and Tiger of London clothing and accessories.

Rapture Apparel

So you like wearing clothes? No?! Ok, but you have to wear clothes, so why not make it some cool as fuck ones? Yeah? That's more like it. Here at Rapture Apparel we're dedicated, no wait, OBLIGED to get you awesome threads with top designs.


Mer-Made is based beside the sea in Brighton, making beautiful handmade jewellery. Each piece is made with love and care and every item is unique and individual in its own little way, no two are ever the same.